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More About the ChiroHealth & Rehab Founder

As one of the leading chiropractor Fargo professionals, Dr. Mason Orth is the man with a compelling plan to optimize the health of all of his patients. Ever since the turn of the millennium (2000), Dr. Orth began working as a chiropractor Fargo and is seen as a pivotal force in chiropractic care. Locally born and raised in Horace, North Dakota, Dr. Orth managed to stick around in his hometown. His conviction to bring back the superior excellence of his chiropractic Fargo care to his hometown is truly a heartwarming story.

Seen locally as an expert in his field, he often leads the way in Fargo chiropractic care. His discoveries and innovations fostered new technologies in chiropractic Fargo assistance. Areas of expertise like spinal rehabilitation saw tremendous adaptations with Dr. Mason Orth’s prestigious work. Through his constant education and study of the science, Dr. Orth also specializes in the physical regions of the spine, hip, knees and shoulders.

While we discuss how he’s dominated the field, he also addresses sports injuries, non-surgical spinal decompression, nutrition, wellness, cold laser treatment, soft tissue dysfunction, and spinal disc disorders. You don’t often hear about a chiropractor Fargo who takes his craft to the utmost level of knowledge.

Not only is Doctor Mason Orth a success as an intellect for the study of chiropractic Fargo care, but he also excels in business. His first location back in 2000, thrived and soon afterwards, he would open more locations. He’s now at the point where he operates multiple locations across the state of North Dakota and Minnesota. For Dr. Orth, FM Chiro Health & Rehab certainly served him well financially as a chiropractor Fargo!

You are working with someone who not only provides the essentials with his work, but who’s also able to build and scale his services to more people. His ability to train and lead top chiropractor Fargo professionals to the top of their game is incredible. This is how his ability to go the distance really does make a difference in his chiropractor Fargo work.

Deep down though, Doctor Mason Orth works with a mission that began at a young age. His father always suffered from chronic back pain. Apparently this is a hereditary area for Dr. Orth. It’s a part of his family heritage and now, he suffers from the same pain. This means not only does he practice chiropractor Fargo work to heal others, but he himself needs the treatment.

This puts Dr. Orth in the unique position to have a full circle understanding of what the patient deals with on a regular basis. Since he himself is a patient and needs the kind of care he provides, he shares his own powerful testimony. It is powerful because it shows Dr. Orth lives out in his own life what he preaches to his patients. Visit the chiropractor Fargo!

Today, work with a chiropractor Fargo who understands what you go through with your pain. Once the care comes into effect and you begin to realize the shift in lower pain levels, Dr. Orth will encourage you all the way. Since he himself is a testament and witness to Farge chiropractic care, he and his TEAM of chiropractors Fargo are able to get the job done smoothly for you.

Why We Are Different

Wouldn’t it be a fabulous thing to say that you’re working with the highest rated chiropractor Fargo? Fortunately enough, you can! By working with Doctor Mason Orth and his astounding team, (that you can read all about right here), you receive what many call, the best chiropractor Fargo service around.

In order to validate all the Google reviews and fanfare we get, our team put together a helpful chart right here. It specifically states in what ways we fare better than our competitors. Just to name a few reasons why FM Chiro Health maintains itself as a thriving business…


Quick Healing and Long-Lasting Prevention

Doctor Orth first and foremost, provides renowned treatment and care for patients. It’s renowned for the long lasting results it brings and for the expedited impact his adjustments and treatments perform. Through advanced soft tissue treatments and a process called Movement Correction Therapy, his team gets to the deep matters at stake (deep tissue that is) and propels the body to a transformed, renewed sensation of relief.

Typical chiropractor Fargo work comes from someone who solely adjusts the spine and that’s it! You lose so much by not working with Dr. Orth’s Fargo chiropractor team.


Top Skills, Only for the Best Patients

Dr. Orth definitely wields a portfolio of great clients and suffering people he’s healed. The issue is, “where do the credentials for other doctors of his practice stand?” Thankfully for you, Doctor Mason Orth ensures his fellow doctors are just as good, if not better than him. These new recruits are highly trained professionals from across the country and even their assistants are Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistants.

This is a special verification for assistants who are tested and trained to provide supreme care and attention to muscles, joints and those next level treatment areas. Oftentimes you will find in most chiropractor Fargo offices, that their assistant is mainly a front desk person who gets recruited for untrained or perfected tasks here and there.


Multiple Doctors for Great Consensus Judgments

A large majority of the Fargo chiropractors offices consist of only one chiropractor.. Most of the solopreneurs out there manage their own businesses. With Doctor Mason Orth and his excellent business efforts, he has smoothly trained and implemented consistent efforts to build up his team. One of those methods to keeping a top team for each office is to ensure that offices contain multiple chiropractors. This way, those Fargo chiropractor duos or teams can collaborate and come to better judgment calls and end results.


You Choose Your Pathway

Do you ever get tired of simply moving in a consistent cog, unable to determine your own pathway? With Dr. Mason Orth and the FM Chiro Health offices, you choose your care plan with a proven chiropractor Fargo! With the team’s Multi-Care levels of treatment, you choose your own level of attention and necessity for care. Of course, the chiropractor Fargo will provide you recommendations for expedited development and healing for your body. You always maintain control of the wheel. With the typical chiropractor in the great, humble state of North Dakota, you’ll only find one pathway available to you, which doesn’t give you as much control.


Super Clean and Spacious

After all of this talk about how great Doctor Orth’s practices are, it should make sense that his facilities where he actually practices work is clean. It’s also quite spacious and offers a great environment just to exist in. In experiences with many Fargo chiropractic patients out there, they find a chiropractor who may be great at their craft, but they go cheap and lame with their working environment. It’s a common mistake for anyone in business to flake out on anything. With FM Chiro Health and Rehab, you’ll witness the excellence not just in the care, but also in where they practice the care.


As Personal As Your Family

Don’t worry, Dr. Orth will likely not come to your pot luck every Sunday afternoon. After working with him and his staff though, you will definitely want him to join you. The welcoming environment and family care atmosphere encompassing FM Chiro Health brings people to ease. You will know that once you step within those doors for his offices, you will transform into a peaceful human being. Just go ahead and take the brief moment to click the schedule button on the homepage or give Dr. Orth a call at 701.451.9098 to receive your treatment.


The services a chiropractor Fargo provides is super important! Most, if not all the chiropractic facilities provide the same three forms of care. For your typical visit, you first go to a massage bed and get the rolling treatment for your back. Sometimes they add a hot pad underneath or for fancier facilities, electric patches to assist with the massage.

After the bed, then you go in for the standard adjustment. Apparently every chiropractor Fargo does it a tad differently, but you go through this procedure. Very few will look to massage any of the muscles or deep tissue either. Then, they end with a consultation, which usually only happens after the first visit and then never happens again.

Here is how Doctor Mason Orth and his team of top chiropractor Fargo professionals take it to the next level:


Chiropractic Adjusting

As the most important part of the chiropractic services, chiropractic adjusting is the actual practice and work of the chiropractor with you. You gently lie down on the bench and the doctor brings you through his procedure to a more physically capable body. Oftentimes, people do not see the benefits of actually getting this procedure from a chiropractor. This is because pain and soreness in the back is not felt until things get really bad.

According to scientific research, only approximately 8 to 10% of the nerves in your back respond to pain. When they do respond, it’s likely due to an immense amount of issues that went unnoticed. These unnoticed problems are often the result of subluxations. The chiropractor’s mission is to identify those subluxations, relieve the stress from your back, and have you walking away with less issues. There are times where the pain relief is immediate, but the greatest effects of chiropractic adjustments are often felt weeks afterwards. It’s time to get your spine and line and work with Dr. Mason Orth today!


Chiropractic Spinal Rehabilitation

While the adjustments meet just about everyone’s expectations with chiropractic care, FM Chiro Health and Rehab also provides chiropractic spinal rehabilitation. This is a standard procedure with the chiropractor which identifies what mobility the patient can execute throughout the process. In the going weeks of work with the chiropractor, you will begin to feel relief in your back pain. What you will also witness is relief in your restricted movement as well. Since the chiropractor Fargo at FM Chiro Health measures what they treasure (freedom from back pain), they track the progress of your health.

This is conducted with a Functional Movement Exam. The exam maintains consistent procedures, exercises and movements to determine the flexibility of the spine. The main questions FM Chiro Health and Rehab addresses are, “what range of mobility does the patient have?” and “what level of pain do they experience in these movements?” As the work of the chiropractor progresses, patients should witness relief in pain with their exercises every time they’re checked up.


Graston Technique

This is a technique utilized by our chiropractors to relieve tension and distress with ligaments, tendons and muscles in the body. There are often various body parts, muscles or tissues that cause the spine or back soreness and pain. While our chiropractors have people come in from car accidents or bad wipe outs at the skatepark, even more people have no idea how they became sore and in pain.

For the chiropractor, we often utilize the Graston Technique because it’s one of the most effective at replacing that scarred tissue through repeated wear and tear, to normal tissue. The procedure involves the doctor using various tools on the body. These tools are used to break up the scarred tissues and provide more circulation to those areas. In this way, it gives you body more freedom and liberty to heal those wounded points.

While there are plenty more services and ways that FM Chiro Health and Rehab is able to take your health to the next level, it’s easier just to give them a call. They utilize a super friendly staff and team to ensure everyone who walks in is greeted respectfully. Schedule a time today with Dr. Mason Orth, or anyone on staff, to work with the best chiropractor Fargo!


Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

As the first Fargo chiropractor to bring the DRX-9000 non-surgical spinal decompression machine into the area, this technology has been a life-saver for thousands of Fargoeans. Patients who have initially and unsuccessfully tried back surgery turned to Dr. Orth and his advanced decompression techniques to finally find relief from their severe back pain. Others have been rescued from thousands of dollars and gallons of painful tears by going first to FM Chirohealth and Rehab to get relief through their non-surgical spinal decompression treatments.