Meet The Doctors

Dr. Mason Orth

Mason OrthDr. Mason Orth is a doctor of chiropractic who started his clinic in Fargo right out of school in the year 2000.  He is especially interested people suffering with chronic pain and has led the way among Fargo chiropractors with new technologies to help treat chronic pain without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Orth grew up watching his dad suffer with chronic back and neck pain and, having suffered from it himself much of his own life, Dr. Orth has developed the unique ability to not only empathize with patients but to deeply understand what they are feeling and experiencing.  This gives he and his team as Fargo Chiropractors the opportunity to connect on a much deeper level with patients and to better understand what the source of their chronic pain is and, how best to treat it.

Unfortunately I inherited my dad’s back and have lived managing chronic pain most of my life.  I know how chronic pain robs life from people and I am committed to providing cutting-edge treatment that not only reduces pain, but allows people to manage it and function for the rest of their life.”

Dr. Orth is known for his ability to diagnose more difficult cases especially related to spinal, shoulder, hip and knee conditions.  He has grown his practice from a sole-practitioner to having multiple doctors in multiple clinics in both North Dakota and Minnesota. He has coached and trained doctors across the country and has over a half-dozen doctors right here in the area that have trained with him and are in practice today.

Over the years his clinics have won multiple awards for performance and achievement and he continues to pursue the most effective and up-to-date methods of treating patients without the use of drugs and surgery.  He has helped to start local wellness programs in area businesses and his clinics perform multiple community events each month.

Dr. Orth grew up locally in Horace and still resides in the area with his three children.  He graduated with a Pre-Medicine degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead with the intention of going to medical school.  During college he also worked as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and it was his love of health, nutrition and human performance that eventually led him to study chiropractic at Northwestern – a highly respected school for Fargo chiropractors.

When not working he will be spending time with his family, preferably outdoors and by water.  If he isn’t hanging out with family he will likely be reading, studying or tuning-up his 1967 Dodge Coronet 500.  Active in his church he has started a local men’s group and works to help people create a better life for themselves.

Dr. Orth has additional studies in spinal disc disorders, soft tissue dysfunction, spinal rehabilitation, extremity and sports injury, non-surgical spinal decompression, cold laser treatment, nutrition and wellness.


Dr. Kameron Peters

Kameron PetersDr. Kameron Peters grew up in Viking, MN, and moved to the Fargo area in 2006. After years of being very active in high school sports, he suffered an ACL tear in his knee and had to have surgery. After many months of physical therapy and still unable to run or walk normally due to knee pain, he sought out the help of a local chiropractor. It was after undergoing chiropractic care that he was finally able to run normally and get back to normal activities without pain. It was this experience that led him to pursue his career in chiropractic. Dr. Kameron Peters graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in exercise science and strength and conditioning in 2012. He then attended chiropractic school in Minneapolis at Northwestern Health Sciences University and graduated with a doctorate of chiropractic in 2016. He is proud to be among the leading Fargo chiropractors and loves serving his clients.

As one of the Fargo chiropractors involved in his community, he has participated in baseline concussion testing with local high school athletes and has worked with professional athletes as well.

Dr. Kameron has postgraduate studies in RockTape, functional and kinetic treatment with rehab, Graston technique, Active Release Technique and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.

Dr. Kameron is passionate about helping people discover options for treating health conditions other than drugs and surgery.

“I love watching patients get back to doing the things they love to do even if they didn’t think it was possible.”

Dr. Peters has a passion for sports and athletes as well as spending time outdoors. When not treating patients he will likely be outside playing sports, hunting, fishing or riding around the countryside on his four-wheeler.


Dr. Victoria L. Tatro

VictoriaNaturally, she became a chiropractor.

There were the injuries in junior and senior high. Several practitioners who made lasting impressions. And then the allergies that led to a sharp turn into new career aspirations.

Dr. Victoria Tatro’s first exposure to chiropractic came when she was an 8th grader sidelined with a sprained ankle. A family friend who was a chiropractor visited the Tatro home in Milwaukee, adjusted her ankle and made suggestions for care and rehab. Another chiropractor helped with a hip joint issue when she was in basketball, soccer and track in high school.

The “more natural approach to health and healing” was appealing even then, she says.

Senior year of high school brought Briar Cliff University into Victoria’s life; the basketball coach was recruiting her as a guard for the hoops squad. Milwaukee to Sioux City is a long haul, so she wanted to make the most of her campus visit. That meant a meeting with the soccer coach, too. The soccer program made the better impression, and in 2002 she set off for Iowa to pursue a pre-veterinary degree and collegiate career as a short-distance sprinter and center or outside midfielder on the soccer pitch.

Even as she consistently hit the back of the net, Victoria was hit by an academic snag. Turned out she was moderately to severely allergic to several different animals.

“So much for a career as a vet,” she said. “When I thought about what else I might want to do, those experiences with chiropractic kept coming to mind.”

She shadowed a chiropractor who was a friend of her roommate’s, and every time she made it back to Milwaukee she followed the chiropractor who treated her in high school.

Victoria left Briar Cliff with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a coaching endorsement, bound for Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, Minn. She earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic there in 2010.

Dr. Victoria started out with an individual practice in Perham, Minn., then accepted an associateship in Grand Forks, N.D. She worked with athletes, women and children, but her emphasis was family care. That continues today with a commitment to going “the whole-body, natural route” with all her patients as one of the Fargo chiropractors working at ChiroHealth & Rehab.  

“It just makes sense that when you know your body better, you can do the right things for your body,” she said, “and that means we can work together to get you feeling a lot better.”

She pursues the natural high for herself as an avid runner who also plays in a community soccer league. She volunteers with the local chapter of Holistic Moms Network, which connects parents interested in holistic health and green living, and is a mentor for BIO Girls, a program that helps 2nd– through 6th-grade girls build self-confidence and life skills. Last, but certainly not least, she’s a nationally certified emergency medical technician.

Most importantly, Dr. Victoria spends as much time as possible with her family, Christopher Lau and their two children, Nicholas and Theodore.

It’s been a winding road, to be sure, with lots of goals scored, races won and decisions made. And here she is, a Chiropractor at FM ChiroHealth and Rehab.



Dr. Matt Wilson

Dr. Matt Wilson has had a lifelong passion for helping others achieve their goals and giving them support to become the best version of themselves. Originally from Grafton, ND, Dr. Matt started this passion by coaching Termite hockey in high school and co-commanding the notoriously loud Grafton High School student section during hockey season.

Dr. Matt was first introduced to Chiropractic care while attending NDSU and working as an appliance delivery driver. Repetitive motion and constant downward force on his spine brought him to the world of chiropractic and he’s never looked back. In addition to graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2018, Dr. Matt has extensive training in soft tissue modalities, lower extremity care, and mobility taping.

When Dr. Matt isn’t helping others find success, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Alyssa, woodworking, and armchair quarterbacking sports entertainment with his friends.