Why People Choose Us


ChiroHealth & Rehab Typical Chiropractors
Use advanced Movement Correction Therapy  and soft tissue treatments to help your muscles, joints and whole body heal decreasing pain fast and preventing it from coming back. Only adjust the spine and neglect the muscles and rest of your body and joints which limits recovery causing your pain to return.
A team of highly trained nationally. Certified Chiropractic Assistants trained in advanced methods to help your muscles and body recover faster and instruct you on how to help yourself stay pain free. At best have an assistant with little training in health and minimal understanding of human anatomy and function limiting the level of care you receive to the bare minimum.     
Multiple doctor chiropractic Fargo clinic which allows for collaboration on every case to provide you the best possible care recommendations for your condition. Single chiropractic Fargo doctor who tends to become set in their ways when it comes to patient care recommending the same thing to everyone.   
Our Multi-Level Care plans allows you to choose your level of care based on what you want to accomplish leaving you in control of your health care without feeling pressured. Cookie-cutter approach to care recommendations with high pressure sales tactics that do not give the patient any choices.
Spacious, clean, facility with state-of-the-art equipment and treatment procedures to ensure you receive the best care available. Dated facility with minimal upkeep and old equipment as well as outdated treatment techniques and therapies.  
Patients feel welcome and part of our family.  We take the time to address all areas of spinal health providing treatment options personalized for you and take the time to show you how to prevent your pain from coming back. Patients are rushed through getting only quick “rack-em’-and-crack-em’” adjustments that are the same every visit and are told to “come back when it hurts again”…just as though the doctor expects the pain to come back.